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 A. An authentication, within the purpose of this article, is an activity conducted by the Chinese Consulate in Jeddah , at the request of a natural person, a legal person, or an organization, to authenticate the last seal and signature on a document issued in the  Consular district. so that the document may be recognized and used in China. The Chinese Consulate in Jeddah will not authenticate a document issued in China.

B. The Chinese Consulate in Jeddah authenticates the signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Consular district:

C. The following types of document should be authenticated by the Consulate before they are sent for use in China:

a.Documents issued in the Consular district, such as a Certificate of Incorporation, even if it is held by a Chinese citizen;

b.Documents pertaining to facts that have occurred in the Consular district, such as a Marriage Certificate, even if it is in connection with a Chinese citizen;

c. Power of Attorney, personal statement or affidavit signed by a citizen of the Consular district. or a third country;

D. The following types of document cannot be authenticated by the Consulate:

a. Documents issued in China, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma, company letters, etc.  Such documents, if to be used in the K.S.A., should be notarized at a local notary public in China. In some cases, a notarial certificate issued in China has to be authenticated by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or a provincial Foreign Affairs Office and then by a K.S.A. diplomatic or consular mission in China. Please consult relevant K.S.A. authorities on the requirement;

b. A set of authentication documents that includes any document issued in China;

c. Documents with contents that are in violation of China's laws, interests and ethics;

d. Documents to be used in a third country;

e. Documents that are deemed ineligible for authentication by the Consulate.

E. Authentication procedures:

a. Send the document to a local notary public for notarization;

b. Send the notarized document to the branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Consular district;

c. Send the authenticated document to the Consulate for authentication. ;

F. An application for authentication must be submitted to the Consulate in person by the applicant or a representative. The application should be arranged and submitted in the following order:

a. Application Form for Authentication or Notarization completed and signed by the applicant.

b. The original set of document which has been authenticated by the branch of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Consular district;

c.  A photocopy of all pages of the original set of document, including the authentication pages by the branch of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Consular district .  Please take extra care not to remove staples on the original document when making copies.  Otherwise, the document will become invalid and won't be accepted.  For a page with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' authentication slip stapled to it, please make a copy of the page with the slip on it, and then another copy with the slip turned over;

d. A photocopy of the applicant's valid ID, e.g. iqama, passport, etc.

e. A photocopy of the incorporation's legal representative's ID and Certificate of Incorporation, if the document is business related.

f. Where applicable, a photocopy of the valid picture ID of the person who submits the application on behalf of the applicant

g. Other supporting documents that may be required by the consul based on individual cases.

G.   Submission, Pickup Date and Fees:

a. Applications for authentication are accepted at Consular Windows of the Consulate. The Consulate do not accept an Applications for authentication by mail.

b. An authenticated document is ready for pick up on the fifth working day for a normal service and on the third working day for an urgent service. But the time for supplying the supplementary materials, checking information, and other irresistible reason would not be included.

c.The authentication fee is 90 SAR each for personal documents or 180 SAR each for corporate documents. The urgent service fee is 100 SAR each for a documents

H.   Payment:

Please pay when picking up the document.

I.  Tips for agents and representatives:

a. Please make sure that each and every applicant completes the application form and sign legibly;

b. Please supply the supplementary materials which the consular demands.

c. Please make sure that the original documents are in their original shape.  Documents with the staple removed or with extra staple holes on the page, signed by the Secretary of State/Treasurer will be deemed invalid and will be returned without authentication.

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